The cherry pie that lives up to its name

Well, it finally happened. I got to live out my Twin Peaks wet dream. During my travels with my mom, we popped over the pass to visit the place where I grew up. The drive from Seattle to Cashmere takes roughly around 2.5 hours, and the journey ventures through Snoqualmie Pass. Like any natural human being, how could you pass through North Bend without stopping into Twedes Cafe?!

Twedes Cafe | 137 W North Bend Way, North Bend, WA.

Twedes - better known as the The Doube R diner, is located in North Bend, WA, and is a huge cult classic among Twin Peaks fans such as myself. This gem was built in 1940 and opened up in 1941 as "Thompson's Diner." Many years later, it was taken over by a set of new owners, and the name changed yet again to: Mar - T Cafe.

To my knowledge, both the interior and the exterior were left relatively the same until the fire (we'll get to that in a bit). It wasn't until David Lynch took a trip to North Bend while location scouting - that it was decided from the moment he walked in, it would be the perfect addition to the show. From the wood panelling on the walls, the beautiful horseshoe counter, and lets not forget the cherry pie - that it officially became an instrumental part of the show.

Barstools at the centre horseshoe counter.

The Mar - T Cafe began to see a massive increase in traffic from the show. From Twin Peaks fans wanting to come and take a closer look, to folks who just had to order a 'damn fine coffee' and a slice of cherry pie, it became a big tourist attraction an the ultimate gem of North Bend. The diner was then sold in 1998 to a dude named Kyle Twede, which obviously led to the name change: Twede's Cafe.

A short two years later however, a fire completely ruined the interior, causing a major destruction on the inside of the establishment. Imagine purchasing your dream diner, and then BOOM - fire. Gutted. Unfortunately the fire was a result of arson, and I know there's a couple of different stories floating around as to who, what, where, when why, but ultimately - this wasn't the 'Fire Walk With Me' we were wanting!

Norma Jennings herself.

The cafe was then reopened in 2001 with a much MUCH different interior. While the outside looked the same - same sign and bones, the interior looked vastly different and pissed off quite a few Twin Peaks fans. Fast forward to 2015, the old-school Twedes Cafe was back as production picked up the bill and completely restored the diner back to its dreamy, haunting, eerie atmospheric glow we have all grown to love in prep for filming.

You can't help but not feel like you're trapped in an episode, eagerly waiting for Agent Dale Cooper to come bolting through the door, Angelo Badalamenti's iconic theme song playing softly in the background, Audrey peaking behind a corner, and a cherry pie sitting in front of you.

Speaking of cherry pie, I did try it. I went for the full Cooper experience: a slice of cherry pie and a DAMN fine cup of coffee. I spared the waitress from ordering this way as I imagine her shifts are filled with the saying, but I did enjoy every single second of it. No exaggeration whatsoever, this WAS the best cherry pie I have ever had in my life - and i'm always on the hunt for a good slice. Cherry pie, I feel is the pie that doesn't get all the love and attention it deserves in most restaurants. Things like apple, lemon meringue.. those tend to be the popular gals that get all the glam and TLC. However those pies end up whoring their way through high school and are divorced three times over by 24. Stale. Boring. Same ol same ol. Not the cherry pie. The cherry pie travels abroad. Swims in the sea. Writes. Drinks black coffee at night. She's an under the radar babe and keeps getting better and better over time. A recipe that hasn't changed and won't change for no one. When you find a good slice of cherry pie, where you can fully understand the love that went into it..the time spent on the pastry.. It's not all about the filling, you know... you hold onto that piece of pie like its your dying lover and you're spending your last few romantic moments together. Your whole life together - flashing before your eyes. How do we make the moment last? Savouring every bite as long as you can. Tasting every little element - from the soft but crunchy exterior of the crust - buttery and sweet but still savoury - tart cherries in their fruity goo nestling inside. The caramelised cherries on the sides of the crust. And the best part: the crystallised sugar on top of the crust to make the PERFECT finish. Is it sex? Or is it pie..

Here she is folks... THE cherry pie.

Best. Fucking. Pie. I have. Ever. Had. And i'm not just saying this..

Also, what's a pie if its not a la mode.. and without a cup of coffee of course..

I also dangerously discovered that they ship these bad boys all across the country for a hefty price. WHOLE pies, people. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't have the page currently minimised on browser right now - cart full. You can even order a bag of coffee to go with your pie. If you want to check it out and try the best pie you'll ever encounter in your existence, head here. *Swoon*

Naturally, I had to purchase some bit of memorabilia while I was here. And since I couldn't fit the whole place in my pocket, I decided to go with a keychain. When in doubt, right?

All in all, this totally lived up to my expectations. Not only was I filling my cup with a solid diner visit, but I also got to be a fangirl for a minute which is something I rarely get to do. Aside from the obvious, Snoqualmie is a stunning part of Washington. Its mystical, dreary, and everything David Lynch perfectly portrayed it to be. I used to make this drive through this town with my mom as a kid for nearly 15 years and the feeling of nostalgia still remains as strong as ever. While unfortunately we didn't have the time to go on a full blown location scouting extravaganza, it was just truly nice to be here with mom.

If you'd like to check out the little 60 second video I made of this trip, head to my YouTubez here. If you ever do get the chance to go through North Bend, you better make damn sure you make a stop here. Twedes is open Monday - Sunday 9am - 7pm. And IF you've got a little more time up your sleeve, be sure to do the full tour by checking out some of the best locations to emerge yourself in the mind of Lynch.

  • The Falls - opening credits scene, nestled right below The Great Northern Hotel.

  • The Great Northern Hotel - officially known as Salish Lodge & Spa.

  • Twin Peaks Bridge

  • Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station - spot Truman's Bronco!

  • Bronson Canyon - "Owl Cave" - the beach where Laura's body was found

  • The Roadhouse Bar - used as the town's local biker bar

Until next time, Bimbos. Onto the next diner!