How do you take it?

Cream? Two sugars? Black? Hot? Iced? Blended?

Unsure why, but there seems to be some heavy judgement around how people have their coffee these days. I'm ashamed to say, I used to be one of these individuals who would humiliate and mock anyone who had a anything but a pour over because I simply thought I was better than them. I've recently grown up and have (attempted) to stop being an utter asshole, and have left people alone. Can we all just leave people alone? If someone wants to pour a cup of sugar into their coffee, LET THEM. If they want to go to Starbucks every day... WHO CARES?

Do I appreciate and love a brew from a v60? Hell yeah. Do I also love Cold Brew with a bit of brown sugar and splash of oat milk? Fuck yes.

We don't all need to be attending cupping sessions and own Hario grinders and scales. Have your coffee how you want it. For example, if i'm at a diner, you best believe i'm having a drip with cream. If i'm going to a cafe, typically i'll get a long black, but sometimes i'll add a bit of cream. Why? Because I can. I make my own cold brew at home because frankly, we're a bit limited to Cold Brew options here in NZ unfortunately. I LOVE cold brew. But I don't typically have it just on its own. I like to add a splash of milk - typically oat - and sometimes if i'm feeling homesick, i'll add a sprinkle of brown sugar to the mix.

I've worked quite seriously within the coffee industry, and more-so third wave during my residency in this part of the world. I used to be embarrassed to drink coffee that wasn't black or wasn't slurped from a gritty cup, because I thought my colleagues would judge me. Everyone's rompin' around in their overalls, cheese-cutter hats, blunt fringes, with a god damn Sidama in their hand. Meanwhile, i'm in the kitchen adding oat milk to my coffee and having an anxiety attack.

Lets let people drink their bevys how they want to and stop belittling them for their preferences.